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In the cookie-cutter landscape of electrical representation, one thing stands out: the ability to communicate a product’s features and benefits to contractors, end-users and utilities. The ability to be the “go-to” representative for information. The ability to help distributors and users translate what’s involved to meet their requirements. It all revolves around KNOWLEDGE.

AERO Sales was formed in 1961 as the Pressler-Weissinger Company, with the simple entrepreneurial mantra of providing knowledge and experience in the sale of electrical market goods. Over the years, this mantra provided many large electrical manufacturers a successful partnership in the State of Ohio. Now, with key employees having well over 50 years of experience in electrical representation, our current employees have the backing that provides, and can supply the knowledge required to get things done.

Knowledge is Good

In the immortal words of Emil Faber, “knowledge is good....”


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